Face coverings have recently become part of our everyday experience in the US. Face shields in particular are seeing wide adoption for their extra protection, breathing, and easier communication. Sunnie USA began with the mission of providing the highest quality in comfortable, safe, and reusable anti-fogging face shields.

Allow me to introduce: Sunnie USA

Face shields are not currently the most popular option for everyone, and Sunnie was originally designed as an option for professionals in the education, medical, and labor fields. However, through the design process, we realized that our product is also a great option for everyday use.

Here is what makes Sunnie different:
Sunnie uses the highest-quality anti-fogging technology in the market today. No other product can compete.
The super-transparent, ultra-lightweight design rests comfortably on the face, much like a pair of sunglasses. This is why we call it Sunnie!
Sunnie is designed to accommodate prescription lenses, and will fit comfortably over the glasses.

Our memory plastic technology makes our frames nearly indestructible. And the flexibility allows for high degrees of safety.
Sunnie offers both black and clear frame options to best accommodate your personal style.

Simply peel our protective plastic layers from the shield, and firmly slide into your choice of frame. Our multi-position connection allows for easy vertical adjustment of the shield for different situations.

These face shields are extremely resistant to scratching, and can be easily washed with soap and water to be worn time and time again, reducing environmental waste.
If your face shield ever does sustain any damage, Sunnie offers replacement shields for your existing frame. Save money and keep enjoying Sunnie!

We are proud of the advancements Sunnie is making to wearable face protection. And we are excited to see everyone’s faces again. Let’s bring the smile back to into our day!Type your paragraph here.

Black Frame: $17

Clear Frame: $20

Includes​ basic shipping.  ​

Expedited/overnight shipping extra.

Sunnie USA

#1 QUality Face shield in the US


#1 QUality Face shield in the US